Instantly we thought: scam.

Thirtyish man, well-dressed in western-style clothing — dark sunglasses, black skinny pants, pink, long-sleeved collared shirt, and loafers with a hip skinny square toe — approaches us as we’re walking through the business district towards the waterfront and the Galle Face Hotel. Ice-cold drinks on our minds.

At the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple, Raschman offers a blessing to Buddha on my behalf, asking for a safe journey for me and MacGyver in Sri Lanka.

He’s chatty. Where you from? When did you arrive? And so it starts. He waves an ID badge at us and says: “Don’t worry, I’m not a tour guide.”

“I’m going to my temple,” he says in excellent accented English. “It’s a special day at my Buddhist temple. One…

Say Cincinnati and two things come to mind, the 70s sitcom, WKRP and he-man sports, Bengals, Bearcats and Reds.

Like many small and medium-sized American cities Cincinnati is enjoying a food-forward renaissance.

The gorgeous example of French Art Deco architecture creates a grand backdrop for dinner.

When we loaded in Miami MacGyver was thrilled. Our scheduled delivery in Texas was close enough to attend the Formula 1 race in Austin. But a few hours out we were diverted to Ohio. Cincinnati. Still MacGyver wanted to watch the race live so we parked the truck, and instead of race tickets, we bought hotels and a tasting weekend.

The Hilton App told us Friday’s best deal…

Carlisle, Pennsylvania

It’s official. We are truck drivers. We have commercial drivers’ licenses. I’m too exhausted to be thrilled. Thank you Schneider.

For the past week different instructors have had us drive around and around and around, turning, turning, turning on these quaint Pennsylvania roads, many designed and built long before anyone dreamed of a big a truck.

“Take your space” and “it’s only paint, it’s only paint” drilled into our heads.

This morning we drove to Binghampton, New York for our third and final attempt to pass the New York State driving test. We went the long way. Small…

Marlaina - Life With No Fixed Address

Two People … TwoBags … Seven Continents

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